The Wrangler Charcoal BBQ Grill offers some smart features intended to enhance the outdoor cooking experience and make cooking that bit more enjoyable and versatile.


Much larger for a start, with a 435 square inch grilling area, the convenience of being able to add more coals without removing the entire grate makes for a much easier operation, as well as an adjustable fire grate to help with temperature control. You get the option of placing cooked food in the warming drawer as well as of course using it as a traditional smoker to get all the flavours the smoking chips provide.

Made from heavy duty powder coated steel and using cast iron grates, there is no doubt the
Char-griller is a long lasting product.

Main Features:

  • 435 square inch grill area
  • Warming Rack
  • Large round legs for support
  • Easily add coals without removing the entire grate
  • Temperature control thanks to the Adjustable Fire Grate: Hot-Medium-Warm
  • Temperature Guage
  • Double steel bottom holds in the heat and prevents burnout
  • Easy access to the cooking area thanks to the hinged lid
  • Wooden handle
  • Fire grate holds coals off the bottom for better heat distribution
  • Large wheels for easy mobility
  • Easy to clean thanks to the dump ash pan

Wrangler BBQ