SOLID Cast iron belly, legs, lid with steel funnel
This chimenea features a cast iron belly and a steel flue, making it easy to
move. It features stove legs, designed to be solid and stable.

Dimensions: D43cm x H90cm


Cast Iron is more resistant than clay or even steel, can stand much higher
fire temperatures without cracking, is unaffected by frost and a greater
variety of fuels used. However, it is important to remember:
1. Cast iron is prone to rust and will need regular re-painting if rust is to be avoided.
2.Never leave a fire unattended and always observe instructions for use
and safety procedures including guidelines, particulary when children
are about.
3. Metal surfaces become very hot when in use and will burn the skin if touched.
4. Steel parts and components will rust but corrosion will not affect use.
5. Metal parts can be re-painted.

Granada Cast Iron Medium Chimenea