The Bubbling Springs Water Feature is elegantly stylish. As a focal point or centrepiece, it will enhance the garden with structure and movement.

Water attractively bubbles out and fills the bowl which, together with the strong supporting column, has an interesting tactile surface fashioned from weather resistant glass fibre reinforced concrete that convincingly replicates stone.

Assembly is simple as there is no plumbing required and a pump ensures there is always the reassuring movement of water.

Bubbling Springs Features:

  • High-End Appearance Of Natural Stone
  • Tolerable To All Weather Conditions
  • No Peeling Or Tarnishing
  • Constructed From Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  • Self-Contained - No Plumbing Required
  • Includes Pump - Ready to Start at Home

Pebbles and surrounding ornaments for illustration only.


  • Height: 89cm (2ft 11ins)
  • Width: 78cm (2ft 7ins)
  • Depth: 78cm (2ft 7ins)

Please Note: This water feature will need to be protected from winter conditions and drained to limit any damage from water freezing inside of it.

Bubbling Springs